pure bistro

park slope brooklyn ny (718)622-5314

The "bistro," first emerged in the 1800s as an eatery accessible to the working man and woman.  The cooking was simple but flavorful, the portions generous, and the wine abundant.  Customers and waiters often knew each other by first-names.  It was a familiar, local environment.  Pure captures the essence of the bistro with a healthier, more honest position to its fare.  Pure Bistro Park Slope offers a kind of purity in its casual dining atmosphere inspired by the richness of Brooklyn. 

Pure Bistro provides a healthy twist on casual American fare with options including organic, hormone-free, antibiotic grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and organic eggs.  

The modern industrial dining areas provide an atmosphere for varied experiences: from enjoying a family dinner to hosting a lunch meeting, or taking a mid-day coffee break alongside someone studying with a refreshing smoothie or juice.  This Park Slope bistro is a Brooklyn lifestyle.